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5/DECEMBER/2003. New agression of spanish Regime to political freedoms. "Unauthorized" popular consultations will be punished with prision.

Spanish Regime has reformed the Penal Code (see text) to punish with prision who call, promote, guarantee or even vote in an "unauthorized" popular consultation. According the odious spanish constitution, every popular consultation (including those of local nature) must be authorized by the President dg Government. Experience of Direct Democracy in Spain demostrates democrat people have not other option but ignoring the lack of authorization of the Regime; now this decision will be punished with prision. Unfortunately, this new agression is again related (indirectly) with the conflict among spanish nationalists and vasque nationalists.

By this agression the Regime completes its armour against the Popular Constituent Power. In Spain political freedoms of Direct Democracy at national scope are limited to two degenerate forms:
While playing fanfares of the 25th anniversary of the present constitution, levels of legitimicy of the Regime reach unbearable minima, where the unique political freedom is the elections of legislative houses by close lists of parties, in the midst of a suffocating environment of propaganda and political indoctrination.

30/SEPTEMBER/2003. Demopunk Net analyzes the European Constitutional Treaty draft.

12/AUGUST/2003. Spreading and rating analysis of proposals for a new Statute of Catalonia.

8/JUNE/2003. Demopunk Net joins debate on Electoral Law in Catalonia.

29/MAY/2003. Appeal for the respect of the principles of religious freedom and lay State in the future European Constitution.

25/MAY/2003. Elections in Spain. Electoral irregularities increase.

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9/MAY/2003. Spanish Regime prevents at least 10% of electors from voting in the Northern of Spain, turning next local elections into illegitimate.

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12/APRIL/2003. European Referendum Campaign becomes political target of propaganda of spanish Regime.

Several times, Demopunk Net has warned democratic activists of European Referendum Campaign that referendum of ratification of the eventual european constitution is a political goal quite modest, even dangerous. It can be easily used by elites as propaganda tool to cover their scorn for political freedoms of Direct Democracy.

Facts have confirmed quickly our fears. One of leaders of spanish Regime, as president of Government, has been the first national head of state supporting completely the appeal of the European Referendum Campaign (i.e, to hold a paneuropean referendum the same day of next european elections). However he is a person whose political records -also in relation of Direct Democracy- discredit him all in all. It is virtually impossible this politician supports the appeal of the campaign due to his conviction of value of Direct Democracy:

Demopunk Net is able to provide interested reader with wide information about former affirmations.

Unfortunately for European Referendum Campaign, this person -with such a democratic profile- is its first big support; having the evident purpose to use it for his propaganda strategies. Therefore we have to make an urgent call to the campaign to defuse danger of being used as vulgar political propaganda.

Democracy International, the institute IRI-Europe and in general every supporter of the European Referendum Campaign have to adopt as first aim the efective introduction of CONCRETE regulations of Direct Democracy within the future european constitution; particularly when the last constitutional draft shows the most absolute scorn by such political freedoms. The goal of paneuropean referendum will achieve only to legimitize an empty constitution and the political trajectory of our autocrats.

5/MARCH/2003. Civil rights in Spain, plastic stuff in the hands of elites.

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14/OCTOBER/2002. Beating of demonstrators is reasserted as chronic problem in Spain.

Demopunk's pages carry out monitoring of political freedoms, avoiding to extend its scope to public freedoms or civil rights. However, persistence of beatings of "non-authorized" demonstrators demands our condemnation.

With alarming frequency demonstrators lacking authorization of Regime are beated, regardless they were practising peaceably their demonstration. To disobey policial order for dissolution is equal to be beated with impunity. Oposition or defence against beating turns into a crime of "resistance against the authority", leading to judicial reprisals.

Propaganda media of Regime hide agressions from public knowledge. When a informative reference arises, it is biased in its several dimensions. References are short or non-existent, without informative context, there never is later tracking, victims of agression are criminalized, there never is perspective of frequency of the problem, and so on.

Sceptical, but motivated, reader could make its own research. A suitable starting point could be following note published by the daily El Pais (13/October/2002):

"30 people arrested in Barcelona in a demonstration against of the Columbus Day. A whole of 30 people were arrested yesterday in Barcelona during a demonstration convoked by a so-called Antifascist Platform against the Columbus Day. Police affirms that the demonstration had not been reported to the government delegate, therefore just starting riot police charged against the 400 demonstrators. During two hours, policemen and demonstrators faced each other in the town centre, where skips were upset and some shop windows were broken".

Or maybe the reader wants to begin its research looking through the International Amnesty's reports. From 2001 report we extract the reference of one of the most coward aggressions:

" ... In November a demonstration outside Congress by pacifists demanding the abolition of the external debt reportedly resulted in 24 injuries and seven arrests. The Interior Minister told Congress that, while police intervention had been justified, the action of some officers had been 'inappropriate' and 'excessive'..."

Today we are able to estimate the cynicism of the ministry. Those aggression remains still unpunished, whereas in July/2002 two-year sentences have been pronounced due to crimes "resistance against the authority".

20/SEPTEMBER/2002. Democratic decomposition of spanish Regime goes on

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09/SEPTEMBER/2002. Democratic regression in Spain. The Regime outlaws a party backed by 10% of votes

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10/JULY/2002. Spanish Regime approves bill for outlawing political parties

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19/JUNE/2002. Legislative Initiative: democrat shame before spanish Congress

The arrogant haughtiness of spanish Regime against political freedoms of Direct Democracy has just reached a level, hardly beaten again. The legislative petition of 1.300.000 citizens (almost triple of required signs) has been rejected by all of deputies. More information in the "Report/2002. Direct Democracy in Spain".

17/JUNE/2002. Referendum in Cuba. Guffaws in presence of absurdity

Among anticapitalist community, cuban regime arouse natural sympathy as historical symbol of resistance against the imperial terrorist rule, the U.S.A. However, only from the snub to the democrat utopia we could obviate this supposed referendum is an absurdity of the Castro bureaucracy. We do not want to compare it with the referenda of the rebel general Franco, only out of consideration for the victims of the spanish dictatorship.

The disquiet of cuban people is comprehensible. In Eastern Europe the salesmen of snake oil have sold within the same pack both democracy and capitalism. As result, former communist elite mutates to owners and leaders of sickly liberal democracies. However, communist economy which guarantees labour, prosperity and social justice for people, was demolished; after over a decade of capitalist economy the surges of emigration are an evident proof of the painful social and economical fiasco. The risks from defying the preconception what binds democracy to capitalism are terribly high. Armies of Regime devastated Serbia in 1999 because Serbia was the only big country which built democratic procedures without taking communist economy down (now only the small country Bielorusia persists in defying).

The cuban referendum is formally absurd, but it is strategically puerile too. Do they expect that a simple intention statement within their constitution has got enough efective force to perpetuate socialism? Who thinks so had better remove the dust from images of the actual spanish head of state swearing the "immovable" Law of Fundamental Principles of the dictatorship of Franco.

Cuban people wants to be owner of their collective heritage, but of their political volition too. After the sad experience of liberal democracy, it is natural representative democracy provokes distrust. But Castro bureaucracy disposes of neighbouring and wonderful examples about how transferring Constitutive Power to people. Against all of forecasts, in Chavez's Venezuela a constitution have springed up full of political rights of direct democracy, and even more, full of political constitutive rights. Brazil is an example how from quite adverse conditions the anticapitalist community is able to design democratic political technology as the Participative Budget o self-management as the MST.

Cuba has got an exceptional opportunity. Opposite to the extreme troubles suffered from by its neighbours, cuban anticapitalist community still has got the political power. It is high time to build a regime of political freedoms of direct democracy, the occasion to state constitutionally plural communication media without profit in mind self-managed by their workers, the opportunity to introduce electoral procedures without the blemishes of the liberal democracy. Only having got a constitution which enthrone the Constitutive Power, only from the collective awareness to be master of the own volition, cuban people are able to defend their economical system. Too much for so rusty machinery?

20/ABRIL/2002. Coup in Venezuela. Spanish Regime joins coup merriment

The most advanced democratic experience nowadays, leading by Hugo Chavez, was on the point of finishing under a coup. Demopunk Net has tracked this experience, by means of comprehensive analysis at the disposal of democrat population:

15/FEBRUARY/99 . Criticism to the Constitutive Process of "Movement V Republic". Venezuela

31/OCTOBER/99.  Criticism to Draft Bill of Constitution

3/DECEMBER/00. Analysis of the new venezuelan constitution

Above documents show a striking range of political freedooms, unknown in the sickly predemocracies which we are suffering from. Venezuelan elites, instead of using them, have choosen to close this stage by means of weapons.

We know the reasons. And we witness, with discouragement, how is cancelled other democratic attempt with anticapitalist colourings. The list is growing disproportionately: Spain(1936), Guatemala(1954), Chile(1973), Nicaragua(1986), Algeria(1992), Serbia(1999) and now Venezuela(2002). We call on specially anticapitalist to know to avoid this poisonous trap. Nobody should state that democratic utopia is the erroneous way (brasilian PT is a significative example); and begging your pardon for quoting, it is high time to evoke the sentence of the anticapitalist thinker Toni Negri: "The alternative to Capitalism is Absolute Democracy".

Present note could be incomplete without marking this fascist aggression is the culmination of a process  of mediatic harassment from the "Free World". A mediatic harassment what have been going to point to military targets which have been eventually reached. In contrast to the unanswerable democratic analysis offered by Demopunk Net, propaganda media of spanish Regime have been going to join in the creation of virtual reality, typicalof their societies of spectacle.

During this incident, it was on the point of concluding the existence of the constitution which gathers the largest number of political freedoms in the whole of history --if its writers dissapear, in Venezuela we might hope only another sickly liberal democracy. However, fossilized under the liberal mud there will have been one constitution plenty of political freedoms: binding referendum and its popular initiatives: generic initiative, initiative to repeal elect authorities (including the president of the Republic), initiative to endorse legislation and international treaties, initiative to repeal legislation and presidential decrees. Are our painful regime able to be the equal of it?

But if above political freedoms are brilliant, how could we rate the constitutive rights?. The constitutional reform is possible by means of popular initiative (it might make our elites drive mad). And even more, the popular initiative is able to provoke the creation of a Constitutive Assembly that in its turn may dissolve all of powers (never our elites will have been able to relinquish such a right within a constitution).

For instance, the spanish daily "El Mundo" states at headlines "Venezuela overthrows Chavez"(sic) and goes on "the president of owners' organization will conduct the transition government"(sic) --usual clappers of the fascist transition in Spain, such a speech does not surprise. The tone of daily "El Mundo" is the same of the rest of spanish propaganda media; not only during these sad days, also during the last years. They are the same propaganda media which indoctrinate population with the illusion that they are living in democracy.

World democrat community weeps for such a garden of liberties was on the point of being demolished due to the Chavez's "impudence" to challenge the liberal preconception which merges democracy with capitalism. And without a shadow of a doubt, if local venezuelan elites are eventually overtoken, the USA armies will recover Venezuela by fire and sword. It is the sign of our ages.

1/MARCH/2002. Spiral of political represion in Spain

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25/OCTOBER/2001. Movement for Participative Economy

The Movement for Participative Economy is an ideological project, started in USA in the 90. It introduces itself as a global alternative to both the capitalist market economy and centralized communist economy. 

There is a main web: , also texts translated to spanish:

Self-management and participative allocation of resource are outstanding proposals introducing Direct Democracy in the laboral and consumer fields; therefore Demopunk pages echo this movement. Unfortunately, the democratic procedures are introduced quite loose, at least in comparison with more mature initiatives as brasilian Participative Budget.

14/OCTOBER/2001. The democratic champion Fraga Iribarne, symbol of the spanish Fascist Transition

Fraga Iribarne, 1969 (during spanish militar ruling of Franco): "No institution is more dificult to make work, or more fragile during crisis times, than representative ones. It is not dificult, with a well-designed campaign, to move the masses to one or another direction, that later they will lament.", page 56, Political Structure of Spain, Manuel Fraga Iribarne, publishing house: Doncel 1969 (academic book teached in primary schools). A phrase among many ones in a wildly-franquist book.

How can this fellow apply for democratic elections? Specially, with criminal debts. It is high time to remember -again- to the galician people the murder in Vitoria of five workers riddled with bullets by police forces headed by Fraga. Unpunished murders yet. Like murders in Montejurra a few months later. It is high time to remember -again- that being minister of the rebel general Franco, Fraga reports as suicide the assassination of the young Ruano, throwed through the window by police forces (our revolting memory for the owner of the monarchic-capitalist daily ABC, Torcuato Luca who recently argue about this crime). But really, do voters know above information? No. And even many people do not worry. In spite of we will accept democratically the collective ignorance and shamelessness. Collective, and even majority, blindness.

12/MARCH/2001. Anniversary of the Social Poll for Abolishment of the Foreign Debt

First year is reached of the Social Poll for Abolishment of the Foreign Debt. It was called coinciding with the last legislative elections, and inmediately it was forbidden by the Regime. In spite of it, over a million of persons could exercise their political rights, more info in the following address:

This popular initiative had a double legitimacy. On the one hand due to Constitutive Power supporting every act of direct democray. On the other hand, the very ban of procedures of direct democracy forced by the constitucion of the spanish Fascist Transition (1975-1980).

It is painful that a legislative elections of closed lists of party, and low proportionality, were the excuse to suppress this political act. Other time, propaganda media complied precisely with their duties about self-legitimization of the Regimen.

22/DECEMBER/2000. ETA and Spanish Regime. Nauseas by political crime.

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3/DECEMBER/00. Analysis of the Democratic Revolution in Venezuela

Few months late, Demopunk Net completes a task, which spread up along over two years. In fall of 1998 we watched without confidence popular passion raised in Venezuela by Hugo Chavez and the Movement V Republic (MVR). The regrettable image transmited by the leader Chavez prejudged the whole process. His religious and patriotic invocations, his shows in the media, ... have been used suitably by our informative bubble. It is not rare that from the liberal collective until the libertarian community is extended the conviction that we stand in presence of other fellow as De Gaulle, Kennedy, Peron or Fujimori.

We thanks our good friends for insisting on studying, despite of Chavez, the documentation publicly offered by the MVR describing their constitutive process. That piece of advice we would like to renew for the democrat people interested to judge the new venezuelan constitution with regard to the own text and not to the image received.  They discover a text full of political freedoms related to Direct Democracy, popular management of constitutive process and considerable effort to define mechanisms of mutual control of powers.

Demopunk Net wanst to make easy the analysis of final text of the new venezuelan constitution, it is the third document that completes the report released in Feb/99 about the MVR's documentation and the analysis of the draft of constitution in Oct/99.

21/NOVEMBER/2000. Borbon fellow and his Regime, view by Vargas Llosa

On the ocassion of 25th anniversary of the rebel general Franco's death, spanish propaganda media spark a shower of eulogies, praises, psalms and triumphal canticles towards the actual Regime. One painful article stands up among this acritical euphoria, from the liberal at rock bottom Mario Vargas Llosa: "25 years of emotions".

It could be said that the Ortega-like emulo wants, as Gasset did, to repay to the regime, which harbours and spoils him, with intellectual coins. Cutted their liberal agenda down at an all low, centred their tiny speech on economical globalization, the liberals in fashion are smug and confident in the actual grade of development of the public freedoms. But, above all, their silence reveals satisfaction of the sickly range of political freedoms (rights to exercise untransferable popular sovereignty). Every libertarian activist have got a more complete speech in defence of freedoms, more consistent and carefully worked than these liberals at rock bottom. There are few liberals who support their natural radical capitalism together with critical attitude against the actual starving public freedoms, and above all, together with the missing political freedoms.

Differences between the actual regime and the preceding dictatorship are obvious, but quite smaller than the historical fiction tried to sell to us. And mentioned differences cannot be admitted as the permanent excuse to justify 25 years with no democratic improvement at all. The reference to the former dictatorship or to the sibling liberal democracies, is the permanent slogan to indoctrinate the population with the preconception about having reached its ceil, about the actual regime and its constitution are objects well described by the word democracy.

As the whole of chorus, Llosa springs the most dramatic hagiography on us: the beatification of the converted one. He exalts the role of the monarch Borbon as the best distilled essence of the actual regimen, and he has right on his side. Around the monarch is centred the much trumpeted mythology of the political system born in the Fascist Transition (1975-1980). Usually, we should resist the temptation to sharpen the criticism towards the monarch, because actually his utopian fall could not provoke the evolution of our predemocracy (certainly, elites pay him with a golden retirement in Lampedusa). But the intensity of propaganda during these days deserves a small response.

[follows ...]

19/NOVEMBER/2000. Propaganda

We have just seen other little episode which ilustrate the function of propaganda media for democratic self-legitimization of spanish Regime, a common trouble of every self-proclaimed democracies. "Health of democracy" , is the suggestive title of a leading article which analyses the draft of law regulating the petition right, access or request to public administrations. Absdurdly, the leading article rates this right as "a traditional right which can be considered as the needed counterpoint of the representative parliamentary system, because it connects citizen directly with the Administration, without mediations". That is all,... incredible. Taking account the spanish Regime forbids almsot every freedom and right of Direct Democracy (all of popular initiative, binding referendum, participative budget, ...) the affirmation of the leading article on the "petition litte-right" can be rated as stupid thing.

We will resist temptation to see it as mere political lack of culture, because actually it is not so. The writing of the leading article ilustrates as propaganda media execute their daily wrok to indoctrinate the population, seeking the self-legitimization of regime. Within it, preconception about actual Regime is a democracy is underlain, as well preconception about its constitution includes already all of typical procedures of a democracy. Logically they end up replacing Direct Democracy by the petition right. That is all. Analogously they end up replacing the supposed separation of powers by parliamentary appearances of the Executive, when everybody know power actually rests with the drafters of the electoral lists.

There is not political lack of culture in propaganda media. Rather, they are responsible for democractic lack of culture among the population. The "democrats of media" are educated in the false belief that public freedoms (demonstration, strike, worship, ..) are the own definition of a democratic regime. At the same time it is hiden from them that their unique political freedom is legislative elections of closed lists and low proportionality. The premeditated confusion between political and public freedoms is a permanent feature.

Long time will be needed until the societies of the sefl-proclaimed democracies succeed in dismantling the farce of propaganda media. Mercantile things, dealers of audience for companies and political elite. In Spain, we must start by demanding the end of the ban to open freely audiovisual media (the majority of "democrats of media" do not know it is required a political license from Regime to open an audiovisual medium). And in a far and utopic future we have to attain propaganda media were not-for-profit organizations.

The trouble of propaganda media is a devilish trap which could put an to democratic passion before few generations.

12/NOVEMBER/00. Alternative to fossil democracies

Presidential elections in USA have just been worldwide showcase of grave defects of majoritarian electoral systems (USA, United Kingdom, Canda, France, ...) Despite of it, propaganda media minimize or avoid to analyse data as all of delegates will be for an unique candidate, due to only 17 votes!. We may imagine the feeling of ridicule for the rest of electors. We may imagine the scorn for minorities with such "democratic" systems.

Well, in Spain without sense of decency conglomerate PpSOE aspires to establish a majoritarian electoral system, which stresses the meagre proportionality of present system of lists, and which deifies the same two-party, or one-conglomerate, scheme than in the most of fossil democracies.

We live vile ages, elite aspire to replace Force by Delusion. Propaganda media act as nodes of virtual reality, keeping silent about democratic ambitions. Their responsability is huge, and until now people cannot avoid they act as tools of indoctrination in the service of elite. In the most near political situation, we see how they hide the achievements (direct democracy and popular constituent power) of the new venezuelan constitution, or keep silent about virtues of Single Transferable Vote (STV/IRV) as electoral reform proposed by Ralph Nader (the presidential candidate, the most critical one with actual Regime in USA).

It seems proportionality of vote is not significative for leaders of the democratic charade which we live in. It was only worth containing during decades the communist majority in Italy, what had achieved one-party government having a majoritarian electoral system as the much-trumpeted fossil democracies.

It is an historical evidence every electoral reforms meet interests of elite, however we cannot waste when meeting interests of democrats too. For instance, in 1972 when it was set up Single Transferable Vote in the regional elections of North Ireland, or most nearly when basque regional parliament have just reduced from 5% to 3% the big threshold to achieve representation.

Democratic achivements of the venezuelan constituent process, leaded by Hugo Chavez, or the proposal of north american Nader (intellectually supported by Chomsky, Petras, ...) are indicators of democratic ofensive is being leaded by idelogical left. Other example is the Participative Budget of the brazilian PT. It is a pity to check worldwide right is comfortable with actual fossil democracies, boringly airing the memory of communist dictatorships, while they obviate the numerous and forgotten capitalist dictatorships.

Perhaps, this phenomenom is inspired in the proposal of the far left ideologist Toni Negri: "The alternative to capitalism is absolute democracy". Demopunk Net pages try to spread a more generic idea: Absolute Democracy is Alternative to Everything.

1/OCTOBER/00. "Turncoat" y representation

In spanish regime, live goes on languid while democracy only appears in mouth of drivers of propaganda media. Parties of Regime are negotiating the new Regulations of Congress of Deputies. Among its novelties it is worth emphasizing persecution of what they name "turncoat". A "turncoat-deputy" is the representative who was included within the list of a party, and later he decides no to maintain the party discipline, sometimes for joining another party.

Trying to soften the regime of parties, article 67.2 of the Constitution states representatives "will be not linked by imperative mandate", the article pronounces representative can exercise freely and without coercion. But spanish political routine is daily proof of mentioned constitutional article is scrap of paper, as many others. Deputies know their post is mainly due to their inclusion in the list of the party, they know any discrepance will be punished at least with no including in the next lists (unique procedure accepted by the spanish electoral system to postulate a candidate), they know their political awareness cannot be protected by the secret of vote because the own Regulations of Congress fordids it, see its article 85. Actually, the Regime has reduced our unique elected representatives to the rule of puppets, who stage decisions of the parties elite.

When an elected representative decides not to follow the discipline of his party, he knows his political death has been signed, what is carried out when his representation term finishs. Meanwhile he has to put up with looking down his representative rule from propaganda media and parties.

The new Regulations of Congress want to go further away, "to cut him off from the world", making the figure of deputy "non-registered" within any parliamentary group.  Deputy has ridiculous rights comparing with parliamentary groups. But besides, this new pariah will have only right of vote; his speech right will be almost symbolic, any parliamentary post with additional economic resources will be inaccessibe for him. And over everything, he will not have almost ANY parliamentary activity, such a thing reserved to parliamentary groups, that is to say political parties.

Taking account legislative elections is the unique political freedom tolerated by Regime, this new setback in democracy combines with the serious defects of our electoral system of lists. A step more, may be the definitive one, to turn political parties into sects of robots.


15/MAY/00. New democratic step. Guffaws in presence of absurdity

Spanish democrats attend among guffaws when propaganda media announce a new democratic "step". The novelty is candidates for several official post must appear previously before the Parliament (for instance, the Ombudsman). They have to describe their programme and intentions before our representatives. Momentarily, it seems we are talking about the parliamentary ratification existing in USA, where over 250 posts appointed by the Executive must be approved by the legislative power.

But ilussion is short-lived. Mentioned posts which must be complied with this new democratic "improvement" are only those ones eligible by the own Congress of Deputies. Posts appointed by the Government are excluded!!, that is to say the vast vast majority. A post of indirect representation, such as the President of Government is, goes on appointing without control practically whole national Administration.

But, in spite of, the most worrying thing is the informative fantasy from propaganda media of Regime, rating such an absurdity as "democratic improvement". Population is indoctrinated in ilussion of a political system, which actually neither is democratic, nor pretends to be so. Ideological demobilization provoked by Delusion is almost insurmountable, and it make us dip in the society of spectacle.

15/MARCH/00. The spanish Fascist Transition (1975-1980)

Few hours before last spanish electoral day, one leader of Regimen acting as president of Government, granted medals for several victims of ETA. Among decorated persons appear some members of Franco's repression forces, assassinated in the last 60.

Leaving the horribe personal tragedies aside, caused by violencia (something impossible to be asked family and friends for), may be it is worth remembering during mentioned years Spain was under dictatorship. Or to remember that, among many ones the assassination of Grimau or the young Ruano are contemporary crimes with the mentioned decorations. Fraga Iribarne could witness about all of above events as Ministry of Information of Franco. May be it is worth remembering that during those years, in opposition of actual status, wide sectors of spanish population felt sympathies for ETA, as main reference of opposition to the dictatorship.

Above tribute happened few hours before elections. And few hours after, the same leader stated electoral results buried spanish civil war as political weapon. Supreme cynicism. Spanish society is right to forget its civil war; but it must not forget the dictatorship. A regime which assassinated, during many years, over 50.000 persons AFTER ending the war. A bloody repression no overcome by south-american dictatorship.

Demopunk pages avoid analysing political daily situation, perishable politics. But above facts are outcrops of a deep root, which explains aspects of the actual democratic shortage: talking about the fascist transition.

We must forget the civil war, but not the dictatorship. And particularly, we must not forget the process which turned that regimen into the actual one. The fascist transition implied the transit of every fascist families (including their fortunes) over the leadership of the monarch restored by the dictatorship. The constitution suffered by us, was neither written nor voted under consensus. Rather, it was under the permanent blackmail of regression. As result, the present constitution permits only an unique politicalo freedom: legislative elections. There is not separation of powers, heading of state is hereditary, and procedures of direct democracy are forbidden. An the worst thing is the constitution was written in such a way that its modification is practically impossible. With such sources and formal defects, its legitimacy is minimum.

It is not a question of enumerating surnames repeated in both regimen. But actually those years, far from brilliance of a real constituent process, extended the shadow of the dictatorship over nowadays. By the one hand, it appears the bad example of the hegemonic liberal democracies, offering as alibi the desirable public freedoms on condition that minimizing political freedoms. But by the other hand, the fascist transition is the main reason explaining our actual democratic scarcity, explaing why there has not been any democratic improvement along two decades, explaining why even they has not been considered.

We must forget the civil war, but not the dictatorship. And particularly, the fascist transition to one of the most sickly liberal democracies. Actual democratic apathy which dominates our society is the best breeding ground of such an amnesia.

13/MARCH/00. Electoral irregularities continue on.

Happiness of other pacific electoral day is newly upset by persistent troubles in the electoral procedures in Spain. As previous times, we have to inform on severe lacks related to voting booths and lists of voters. Propaganda media of Regime do not give even one decime of second for following troubles:

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5/MARCH/00. Participative Budget. Experience in Porto Alegre

29/FEBRUARY/00. Propaganda and birthday

That is incredible, however the vast majority of population unknow to open a radio ore television emitter requires a license with political character, without any technical foundations. They unknown number of license are severly restricted. In a word, Regime forbids to open freely emitters of masive broadcasting.

Nowadays is tenth anniversary when every political licenses for national range televisions were granted to the emitters of Antena3, Tele5 y Canal+. The dirty law of Private Television in 1988 formalizes this aggression of speech freedom, and shortly after Constitutional Court proved its bias ratifying such a nonsense was typical of democratic system. It is not wonder that the procedure of political license spread to every radio emitter, and regional and local television. Until today, and supposely during many more years.

Nowadays is tenth anniversary. According the dirty law license expire. And we guess that they will renovate behind back of public opinion. Or may be, have they been renovated yet? Come back to last May, when president of catalonian regional government decided not to renovate one radio license, how much cynicism went through propaganda media claumoring by speech freedom!

Sooner o later, spanish Regime will learn from its sibling democracies that really political licenses are not needed. It will learn the own mercantile character of media coporations is enough. It will learn business profit of corporationes tunes fine with interests of Regime. They will reach the perfect communion in the Society of Spectacle.

Media bubbles succeed in dissolving awareness of their consumers into virtual reality, unfortunately a vast majority of our society. Owners of silence, indoctrinate love and hate. Our civilization has not been able yet to assimilate the phenomenon of masive social propaganda. And perhaps it will be never.

Consequences of it may not be more unfortunate for spanish democrat group. Propaganda media shouts their head off legimitizing as democratic a Regime whose unique political freedom is legislative elections of closed lists, of lists done by elite. The rest of political freedoms are forbidden: binding referendum, popular initiative to referendum, popular legislative initiative without restrictions, popular initiative to abrogation, to revoke elected posts, ... self-determination right, popular initiative to constitutional reform, to constituent process, ...participative budget, elections to executive power, elections to heading of state. A long list against our unique political freedom: legislative elections, formal, media and financially defective.

Transition from such a Regime is impossible. It is only left Rupture, utopian rupture.

19/FEBRUARY/00. Leaders of Regime

Recent statements of one of the main leaders of spanish Regime arrives at Demopunk pages. We know deep scorn to Direct Democracy is a permanent feature among our political establishment. It is no any novelty, nor produces any surprise. But it is worth spreading mentioned statement because they come from a person who has been durinhgf 14 years president of Government of actual Regime, and leaded from the "opposition" the fascist transition: Felipe Gonzalez.

In 12 of March of 1985 spaniards voted in consultive plebiscite about integration into the civil structure of NATO (similar to french status). Regime and its leader won plebiscite. However, some commitments derived from mentioned plebiscite and taken on by Government, have not eventually kept, particularly the commitment relative to non-integration into the militar structure of NATO.

Felipe Gonzalez, today:

"I had an awful time. I think it is the most dificult decision taken along my live, the most tough time of my term of responsability. I had an awful time then and later too. I was perfectly aware of, in spite of having won the referendum, and by having won it, I should pay a very high bill in feeling terms, and of course in voting terms, it happened so because I had placed over citizens a moral responsability which was not suitable for them.

We had to pay for this reason, and not for another one... You imagine a referendum is held on declaring war. Citizen has not got obligation to decide!, because they do not receive a salary for it!, they receive it to be a citizen!, no  for deciding if a military agreement is or not suitable, shit! To do it, they have their responsibles, who trusts more or less in, however this is the reason of their existence" (...) Extracted from book "Presidents". Victoria Prego. Ed. Plaza&Janes, 2000

10/FEBRUARY/00. Society of Spectacle

The negative impact that from decades propaganda media are holding on development of Democracy, provokes mentioned media remain, daily, as center of the social and political debate.

Owners of silence, writers of political agenda for the masses, propaganda media have made easier actual self-proclaimed democracies have been replacing Force by Dilusion. They promote the minor debate, stage confrontation among elite, but hold severely the doctrinal kernel of actual Regime. Three main blocks suffer from daily pressure of propaganda of silence: self-legitimation as democratic regime, armed conflicts of state and capitalist economy. How could we vote about unknown things? Nobody can give his opinion about something unknow for him, about "non-existing" thing. Because only the concrete thing may be loved or hated.

When perception is mutilated, individual is intellectually disintegrated, alienated in bubbles of virtual reality; in the spanish case the worlwide media bubble of USA an the own national bubble. We are indebted to intellectuals as Noam Chomsky, which infinite dedication has gathered an avalanche of information ratifying the model of propaganda of our "democracies". Or to thinkers as Guy Deboards, who even in the 60s achieved to identify the "spectacular" character among society, production means and social relationships.

"Society of Spectacle" is the main work of Deboard. Edited in 1967, it was translated to spanish in 1998 by Maldeojo for the Hispanic Situationsm Archive.  Because it is an unedited document, Demopunk pages want to host a copy located at

27/JANUARY/00. Electiones have finished

It is January and the legislative elections of March/2000 have already finished. During next weeks have been completed the real election of our representative. And it has been accomplished by elite of each party, practically by direct postulation. (Reply of Rafael Pla-López)

As always, deputies will know precisely who they owe their future post to, and also which it is its price. During weeks lists of parties has been made. Lists distilled with patience, faithful reflection of intrigues and slashes during last months. Settling of scores or well-deserved to loyalty to elite.

In the spanish electoral system voter cannot decide the name of their representative, even cannot rearrage the list or discard a person considered incompetent, corrupt or even criminal. Or all ones within the list, or no one. Actually our voting does not choose representative, rather it prorates the degree of parliamentary influence of each party's elite.

Meek behaviour of our deputies and senators does not seem to matter enough to a society which does not love democracy. They know such a thing. Few months ago, one of leaders of Regime decided, with only one act, to change ministries of Government, responsibles of his party and the president of Senate!. Without embarrasment.

But the loss of representativity of our legislative elections becomes a severe trouble in front of the sad evidence of such elections are our unique political freedom. Because the Constitution forbids all of procedures of Direct Democracy (with ridiculous exceptions). Constitutional reform are forbidden for popular initiative, and actually it is so complex that it can be non-existent. Governemt, disproportionate executive power, is an indirect organ, it cannot be directly elected. And the hereditary character of Heading of State and Army provokes embarrashment to the meagre democratic minority actually existing in the country.

But today we are talking about tragical link which binds our representatives to elite of their party. Golden rule: any disobedience will be punished, at least, with not including into next lists. But spanish society must know there are procedures to dilute effectively the link. If you are interested, can find at Demopunk pages documents and analysis about primary elections and nominative electoral systems as Single Transferable Vote. Democratic procedures which will be never allowd, as proving almost thirty years of do-nothing policy and farce.

Elections have finished. Over 90% of future deputies are savouring certaintyly the post. They complied faithfully with their elite. And today, nobody and nothing will be avoid their election. No even votes.