Aznar wants to held a referendum during european elections on EU constitution
ABC, 12/April/2003
José María Aznar wants «European Constitution» generated by works of the Convention and the InterGovernamental Conference are submited for referendum in every countries of the Union the same day of the european elections: 13th of June of 2004. The president of Government has been the first of the european leaders making oficially a pronouncement about it, though the 24th of last Novemeber the european deputy of PP Íñigo Méndez de Vigo supported the idea from the pages of ABC.
Yesterday, during a seminar on future of Europe, happened in Madrid, by the PP party, where also Alain Juppe, president of the french UMP, took part, Aznar supported a text made by PP party as contribution for debate opened by European Convention, which prepares the InterGovernamental Conference. The text states that, besides being ratified by national parliaments, the document approved by the heads of State and Government relies on approval of citizens «to clear up any doubt on their support». Therefore, he proposes to held a referendum coincidental with european elections.