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Campaigns and Announcements

Start: 28/March/2003
Barcelona Constitutional Referendum Forum
Spain 2003

European Constituent Process / Direct Democracy

The European Initiative&Referendum Institute, in cooperation with the Civic Forum for an European Constitution, within the European Referendum Campaign, calls for Barcelona Forum in 28/March/2003

It is a public forum (registration is required) with following confirmed agenda:
  • 9.00 Presentation of registration

  • 9.45 Introduction: The Catalan Perspective by the Civic Forum for an European Constitution.

  • 10.00 Presentation of the main findings of the campaign by the IRI-Europe.

  • 11.00 Hearing with Referendum Experts: 
    • Grupo de Estudos Europeus of the Instituto de Estudos para o Desenvolvimento, Lisbon
    • Forum for Citizens Democracy, Athens
    • Demopunk Net, Madrid
    • Spokesperson for the Permanent Forum of Civil Society, Rome

  • 12.30 The Campaign for an European Referendum. Regional Campaign Coordinator.

  • 15.00-16.00 Civic Participation in the process of European Integration. Regional IRI-Europe Coordinator.

  • 16.00-18:00 Debate: From Treaties between States to a Constitution by the Peoples. The Role of Direct Democracy in the European integration processDe los Tratados entre Estados a la Constitución de los Pueblos.

European Initiative&Referendum Institute, IRI-Europe

Fòrum Civic per una Constitucio Europea

End: 28/March/2003

Start: 12/March/2003
Forum Humanized Town
Seville (Spain) 2003

Participative Democracy / Citizen Activism
The next edition of the Forum, Humanized Town 2003, will take place in Seville (Spain) entitled as "Participative Democracy / Citizen Activism", it is intended to analyze democratic process of decision, "surrender of power of states" and "citizen taking on accountability", and every issues related to local scope, town scope.
End: 14/March/2003

Start: 2002
European Referendum Campaign
End: 2004